Làm thế nào để trung tâm của bạn QUAY LẠI ĐƯỜNG ĐUA sau hơn 3 tháng nghỉ Tết dài nhất lịch sử ?

2020 is a year that many people will never forget because it has the longest Tet holiday in history because of the COVID-19 epidemic.
The context of a serious economic crisis is taking place, a series of companies go bankrupt and employees receive resignation letters. Education is also heavily affected when the Centers have to close for a long time. The Covid 19 epidemic has upset all plans, enrollment and teaching goals of the center.
Business owners, management are trying to find a way to revive. So what is the most appreciated solution in this period for foreign language centers and training centers?

With features like:
Cost savings by reducing Personnel.
Automatically consult, take care of customers 24/7 according to your own scenario, say no to SPAM, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.
Build a clear care and management journey.
Don’t worry about losing customer data.
Automate the marketing process.
Automate the student care process.
Automate the course management process.
Powerful integration with third parties.
User-friendly and easy-to-use student management application.

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